All Time Low Banned By Six Flags Over Security Dispute

frontman Alex Gaskarth checked in with his Twitter followers (@AlexAllTimeLow) this morning after learning their show tonight in Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio won’t happen because their criticism of security at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington last night. Check out fan filmed highlight clips of the show at YouTube. Alex writes:

All Time Low won’t be performing tonight. We showed up– Banned because I stood up for our fans who were victimized by security last night.

And now they’re telling the public that -WE- dropped off the show? Unbelievable. We were told that we “aren’t allowed to perform.”

So to all the folks coming to see us tonight, I’m deeply, deeply sorry; This was not our call.

It’s disgusting to see that a family oriented theme park covers up their flubs by shifting the blame and hiding behind shoddy excuses.

…And as a result, you guys are suffering for it.

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29 thoughts on “All Time Low Banned By Six Flags Over Security Dispute

  1. Chandlee says:

    I think this is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

  2. KC says:

    Actually it’s the other way around. They can’t play San Antonio due to the show at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. Arlington is where the mace incident happened.

  3. Kendall says:

    This is complete fu**ing bull sh**. FU** SIX FLAGS. We’re allowed to have fun at a concert!

  4. atl4ever says:

    Six Flags sucks! Never been there, never will go there now!

  5. Kasie says:

    I was there, and it was totally out of control. They should have known that having big name bands there would create a lot of chaos. I mean are they stupid?

  6. Kate says:

    Oh my gosh!!! This is the most ****** up thing they have ever done!! I mean Martin Johnson (lead singer of Boys like Girls) was telling the security to let them up… It’s not like anyone was getting hurt!! The girl wasn’t even doing anything illegal…it wasn’t even a stated rule that nobody could get on the stage!

  7. rockdirt says:

    @KC thanks. fixed it.

  8. Ana says:

    Wow, My Sister Works At That Six Flags & She Just Told Me About It, She Had To Stay Late.

  9. Dan says:

    Does anyone know if they will be playing at the Great Adventure Concert? If not I will be selling my ticket.

  10. Fluffy kitty! says:

    I like granola bars

  11. maggie says:

    I was there also. It’s amazing to know how stupid security can be. All Time Low has a point, there was a necessity for mace at an ALL AGES concert! The security is fuc*ing retarded! The security was also being very pushy and grabby. They should be sued for this!!!

  12. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna says:

    I was there, and I think it was really awesome what that did. really sucks they couldn’t play.

  13. Brittnie smith says:

    Me and my sister were backstage watching all of this happen. We were gust of boys like girls tired of the 5 hour drive we just drove to enjoy all the bands company. But instead we had to deal with all this bullsh**. ATL and Boys Like Girls band members are both really good people and I admire them for standing up for there fans. They are all truly sweethearts and the most funniest people you will meet.:)

  14. bubbles,from arlingon(gabby) says:

    Dude All Time Low and Boys Like Girls were awesome!! The security guards suck a*ss big time!! Thanks for sticking up for us and hopefully I get to see y’all in concert and maybe meet y’all sometime because that was my first concert and I loved it!!! love y’all!!

  15. falconpunch says:

    Man, I was really looking forward to seeing you guys Sunday ):
    it was the whole reason I got a Bamboozle ticket…

  16. natalieann[atl] says:

    Haha dude sucks for Six Flags people hate them now and so do I
    -.- they effing suck I was freaking stoked. For San Antonio show but now I have to go all the way to Missouri Blahh :p but I love them so it’s worth the drive

  17. Tyler says:

    That’s Bull sh** All Time Low was the main reason everyone was going

  18. Jules says:

    I was in the VIP section when that whole mace thing happened, I could smell it. The whole concert, the security were being rude and pushy and slapped my friend when she tried to get on stage. It’s a freaking rock concert, it’s supposed to get crazy especially for all fan girls (me included) I’ll admit I even got on stage a couple of times, that doesn’t mean you have to spray mace in my face!!! All Time Low was right to call them out at the end of their concert. They really know how to stand out for their fans! I love you ATL!!!

  19. becca says:

    Me and a bunch of my friends bought tickets for the great adventure concert just to see ATL one more time together before we all go away for the summer, now we might not go, way to go Six Flags. I hate that the band is getting punished just for sticking up for their fans, it should be the other way around

  20. Laurel M says:

    Found out today that Six Flags St Louis has also dropped All Time Low from the lineup. I am beyond pissed. Only reason I bought the tickets was ATL, now I have to sell or give away the tickets because there are no refunds. I’ve also sent comments and a letter letting them know how angry I am

  21. Ceara.. says:

    All Time Low I deeply admire you from that. it’s amazing how you stood up for the girl like that. It’s pretty sick that a fricken family park would ever band you. If it was fine by you, they shouldn’t have done anything. Good for you. And I love you<33

  22. Madison says:

    I was there too the night when the kids were sprayed with pepper spray. I was in the front section, the 6th row from the front and 4 of my friends were kicked out just for getting on their seats to try to see them, it was freaking ridiculous!!! It was an amazing concert that I will never forget but six flags pissed me off bad and I’m rethinking ever going there again! Alex Gaskarth and Martin Johnson both got on the stage and cussed out the security guards! Half the people were little kids from age 12!!! I knew two 12 year olds who were sprayed just for being near Alex and the band! It is terrible they weren’t allowed to play after that! that is really crappy! a lot of people were pissed off I know.

  23. april says:

    All Time Low is the reason why me and my brother even went to the Bamboozle show! fu** the security guards! I hate Six Flags now!

  24. pissed says:

    called and spoke with a Six Flags rep. at Great Adventure and told them I wanted to get my money back cause ATL was banned from coming to SF. The lady told me that the band were the ones that canceled and that the info on the bands web page was a lie and to bad your not getting your money back.

  25. JackBarakat4evahh says:

    I was there too and me and my 2 friends got away w getting on the stage and meeting them. In one of the videos you can see Jack swinging me around. I was taking a picture of my friend with Alex when he said one sec sweetie and started cussing out the park.. Jack tackled security and they threatened to sue for harassment. This is fu**ing ridiculous and I really think Six Flags should take the blame not ATL and Boys Like Girls.
    Jack&Smalls forever <33

  26. Hollie says:

    that concert was CRAZY.
    and the mace thing was totally uncalled for. ATL has got it going on for sticking up for their fans, and not letting that slide.
    although, I don’t think any band would let that slide.
    anyway, I hope to see you guys in concert again soon! :)

  27. REgaurds says:

    So… unless you were down there in the pit with us you don’t know sh**… SFOT security doesn’t carry MACE….POLICE OFFICERS DO… who are also employed to work the concerts. Some dumb kids were fighting over a hat down there… that’s why they were maced… but it travels unfortunately even to the person who sprayed it

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Get over it, yeah I agree banning them was bullsh**, but y’all do know the stage has a weight limit, right? It could’ve broken or collapsed. And Alex was cussing at Six Flags when it was he Arlington security who did the macing. I’m glad he stuck up for his fans, but he could’ve done it in a way better way. And put yourself in place of the security guards, you see uncontrolled teenagers running and screaming like crazy, obviously if macing didn’t happen something worse would. And their job is to protect the members from all time low to get mobbed, they did their job and all time low was ungrateful, they got what they deserved. And oh, you probably didn’t see this coming, but I DO LOVE All Time Low, they are one of my favorite bands.

  29. Sandra Camargo says:

    Bull I was There May 29th The Best day Of My Fu**en Life He Was Helping Us By Saying That..They were fu**en Awesome Like Hell Ahaha I Hugged Alexx!!!<33

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