All-American Rejects Think ‘Hot’ Claims Are Bizarre

frontman Tyson Ritter spoke with Radio 1 about how he’s named one of the 20 hottest dudes of the summer and how the band came third in a poll for best haircut behind Heath Ledger and Ashton Kutcher.”If they knew what we did to our hair to make it look as crappy as it does, it would probably be like No.1 for most filthy,” he admitted. “If they took a blacklight over it, there’d be a lot of mites. Maybe not mites, but urine stains! Five years from now, I’ll be like ‘Remember like five years ago when I weighed 140 and now I’m like 215? I used to be that hot, dude.’ My mum’s proud. I have no idea why. She’s like ‘That’s my boy. That’s my spawn!”

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