All-American Rejects On TRL

The All-American Rejects group

were on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk about themselves and their hit video ‘Swing Swing’, landing a major record deal, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: We have seen the video on the count down. It’s done very well in
trl in the last recent months but we want to know you guys a little better.
We’re going to ask you a series of questions. You know, just fill in with
the band member that best suits the quesr ishat cool?

AAR: Yes.

TRL: Who came up with the name al-american rejects?

AAR:Tive did the all-american —

AAR: No, i did the rejects.

TRL: How did this come together?

AAR: Um, it was actually like an older band that we had, and we thought
we were a punk ban and it kind of fit back then. But then we broke up and
me and tyson reform and started writing sos together. We just kept it.

TRL: Now it fits again?

AAR: Yes.

AAR: Sure, why not?

TRL: Here’s a good question for you guys. All right? See how into you
guys you are. Who is the first guy to date a supermodel.

AAR: Either chris or me, because he likes — who do you like?

AAR: My what jovonovich.

TRL: Maybe slip her the cell phone. Ve nice. Who had the worst job before
joining the bd?

AAR:Hris and I- I did tire work.

AAR: Okay. Fixing tires on like taxis and —

TRL: Look what you can do, kids. Yeah. You can be a superstar. What
did he have to do?

AAR: I delivered refrigerators and big-screen tvs, mainly by myself.
So it sucked.

TRL: Those are manly jobs right there though. Who is the biggest mama’s

AAR: Nick.

AAR: Nick.

AAR: Definitely.

AAR: I love my mom and my puppy dog, I’m sorry.

TRL: I’m the same way, too. I’m glad  we got to know you guys.
Congratulations or all the success but we have to get to the number sprooi
video which is shakira, down one today.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Number six. That was shakira, number five on friday. The all-american
rejects are here on trl. This is actually interesting because it’s a reissue
of the same album tha released back in october of 2002.

AAR: Yes.

TRL: You have picked up on major label, right? All this has happened
within the course of five months. How did this come about?

AAR: We’re not really sure, but —

TRL: I don’t get it, dude. What happened? Were you playing at show and
some record guys came up to you?

AAR: Yeah. We did show cases and stuff.

AAR: Doghouse records came out and saw us in tulsa a year and ahalfish
on a tour we did and really crappy van.

AAR: Yeah, it was awesome.

AAR: E to aicer v sie then when the major came in.

We got tlf advance.

TRL: Very nice. This discussion is for you, tyson. The video “swinghas
beendoing reallyelwho is the girl in the song and whas the deal? Is aeal-life
it is qags?

AAR: Yeah, about my exgirl, a year and a half relationship i had with
her and whatever. Why do you do at?

TRL: Sympathy. We’ve all been through it.

AAR: Thank you.

TRL: You guys a relatively young for a band too. What kind of bands
have been listening been to after you have been rehearsing and maturing
over here?

AAR: My dad got me into styx and journey.

AAR: Oh!

[ Applause ]

TRL: INXS and guns n’ roses. You got to love it. You guys are playing
tonight. You’re playing for the donnas who absolutely rock. There was one
fan here in our audience who is a crazy, alamican rejects fannd she’s sitting
right there.

AAR: Send them up!

TRL: In the pink shirt. Come on over here. Get on over here. What is
your name?

Fan: Amanda.

TRL: Come on over and meet your favorite band. Give tyson a hug. Why
not? We have a surprise for you. They brought along a tiny little surprise.

AAR: Yeah. My friends in the back pocket. You got two tickets to the
show tonight.

AAR: You’re going!

Fan: Thank you so much, guys! Rock! Yeah!

TRL: Enjoy yourself tonight. The all-american rejects. See you tonight
at the show. Thank you for taking the time to make it. And the self-titled
debut album is in the stores right now.

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