Alien Ant Farm’s Statement On Crash From Official Site

This news coming from ’s official website:

All four members of Alien Ant Farm and six of their crew members were rushed to a hospital in Spain early this morning (Wednesday, May 22) after their tour bus collided with a parked truck on the highway at 2:20 AM. AAF’s bus driver from a European tour production company was killed in the accident.

Near the end of a 10-concert tour of Europe, the group was traveling from a show in Luxembourg to their next performance in Lisbon, Portugal. The accident occurred near Navalmoral de la Mata, approximately 200 kilometers west of Madrid.

According to Initial reports, singer Dryden Mitchell sustained back injuries, guitarist Terry Corso has a broken ankle, bass player Tye Zamora also has foot injuries, and drummer Mike Cosgrove was admitted to the hospital with cuts and bruises.

AAF’s tour manager, Gary Roberts from Liverpool, reportedly sustained a broken ankle, drum tech Eric Hackett from Detroit has a broken foot, bass tech Daniel Wates from Southern California has a broken foot, guitar tech Jeff Thoreen from Southern California has cuts and bruises and merchandise coordinator Ron Vickers from Southern California has back injuries. David Zajic, AAF’s security head from the Czechoslovakian Republic, suffered undetermined but critical injuries.

“We send our condolences and prayers to the family of the driver and our prayers are with David in hopes that he has a full recovery,” said manager John Boyle of Borman/Moir/Boyle Entertainment in Los Angeles. “We’re obviously very fortunate and thankful the band and crew survived the accident.”

Most of the band and crew were asleep in their bunks at the time of the accident.

Alien Ant Farm had been scheduled to return Stateside on Saturday to perform at the WHFS Festival in Washington, D.C. Their appearance will be cancelled. The rock band was on tour in support of their platinum album ANThology, released in March 2001

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  1. matt says:

    It’s 2009 I love AAF

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