Alien Ant Farm Explain Mixed Reaction From TRL Success

Jodie Chilcoat of UniverCity spoke with drummer Mike Cosgrove about the band’s success on MTV’s Total Request Live and how they and their fans feel about it. Cosgrove explains, “I know it seems kinda weird to be on that pop level, but this is our music; it’s us and it’s being accepted. I would hope that people would understand, but I understand the other side of it, too. We have fans on our website … We had to put out a thing like, ‘Vote for Alien Ant Farm for TRL,’ just to let people know what was going on. Kids were like, ‘TRL? I can’t believe what you’re f**ckin’ asking me to do. Take me off this thing. I don’t want to be part of it.’ Kids are really hardcore that way. We’re musicians, and we play music; that’s our thing. We write love songs, and lovers are gonna listen to it. We want to be heard.”

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