Alice Cooper Goes Back To The Garage

With back on the road, he tells Australia’s Beat magazine to expect a combination of the production from the ‘Eyes of ’ tour and that for his new album, the equally gritty ‘Dirty Diamonds’. “With the ‘Eyes of ’ in some ways it was sort of a dog chasing its own tail,” Cooper said. “When I listened to bands like Jet and The Strokes and The Vines what I noticed was that they were really good 1968 Detroit garage bands and probably listened to a lot of The Stooges, The MC5 and . After listening to those albums, I thought, ‘hey, I would love to go back and sound like that again.’ The new one, ‘Dirty Diamonds’, is basically the same thing except for this time I allowed us to go back in and do some overdubbing. The funny thing was we did this album about a day faster than the other album because the songs were so right on.” has since removed the article.

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