Alex Turner Unimpressed With Pete Doherty

singer Alex Turner spoke with a Japanese music magazine about the difference between fans of former Libertines, current Babyshambles singer and Monkey fans. “Libertines gigs were full of private school kids,” Turner sneered. “Their music was pretentious, really. Come to our gigs and it’s normal working people having a great time. That’s what music’s about.” As for Doherty, Turner remarked, “Musically, he hasn’t really achieved anything.”

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5 thoughts on “Alex Turner Unimpressed With Pete Doherty

  1. Pete Doherty says:

    I am not a private school kid and I have been to many Pete Doherty, Babyshambles and Libertines gigs !
    Many people, in fact most prefer them to you, and musically he has achieved a whole lot more than you Alex! Pathetic. He writes from his heart, he writes beautiful poetry, his voice is soft, you’re absolutely sh**.

  2. chelsea says:


  3. ang3luv3R says:

    Alex Turner is damn cute but I love all of Pete’s music. He rocks. Love you both guys.. Keep on rocking my socks. xoxo

  4. bartie says:

    hell I listen to Arctic Monkeys, the Babyshambles, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks and Jimi Hendrix, hell I also listen to the Prodigy and some hard style… my point is, your taste of music doesn’t need to have anything to do with your profession or whatever. Because I do urban design for a living and I wouldn’t mind going to any concert of any of those. And by the way what do the Arctic Monkeys think about the Kooks and what do the Babyshambles think about the Kooks?

  5. Kat says:

    This is such bullsh**. I really, really doubt that Al ever said any of this seeing as he’s talked about how him and the rest of the band were Libertines fans themselves.

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