Alex Turner Ignores Advances By Kate Moss

frontman Alex Turner turned down a date with Kate Moss after asking advice from his mother Penny on what he should do. “He was home in Sheffield when the phone rang and this girl said ‘Hi, it’s Kate’,” a friend of the band told The Sun. “He thought it was one of the girls he used to go to school with asking for free tickets. When he asked ‘Kate who?’ he freaked out when she said it was Kate Moss. She asked him if he wanted to meet up and he mumbled something about being busy with the band and he’d have to see. Then she followed it up with a few texts and he panicked and told his mum Penny. She is a straight-laced teacher and had already warned him about getting mixed up with drugs while in the band. There was no way she wanted her son involved with Kate after all her cocaine carry on.” The full story at has since been removed.

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