Alex Gaskarth: Westboro Baptist Church Not Welcome At All Time Low Shows

All Time Low 'Dirty Work'

lead singer Alex Gaskarth spoke with QSaltLake about the band’s latest album ‘Dirty Work’, how they are adjusting to being signed to Interscope Records, how their music has changed as the band has matured, having a large following despite not getting much airplay, having the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church protest one of their shows, advice for their gay fans, and more.

“I truly despise groups like that and normally I don’t like to even give them any attention because all they really want is to be in the press. It was really only when they came to our show that we were moved to say something,” Alex said about Fred Phelps and his followers. “That kind of group and hatred certainly are not welcome at our shows. It’s not a good environment.”

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