A.J. McLean Lies To Ex About Being In Linkin Park

Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean’s drug and sexual habits are on full display as one of his ex-girlfriends at the height of his binging has told all to Hustler magazine. Casey recounted the time when AJ took her into his bathroom as she revealed, “The last time I was at his house, we had migrated to the bathroom because that’s where we always ended up. He loved it in his bathroom. He had a radio in there with a CD player, and he took me there as soon as I arrived, and he said, ‘You’ve gotta hear this! It’s my new stuff. It’s my solo stuff.’ I said all right; so he played this CD, and I thought, I know this. Then I realized, I have this CD and it came to me – . I didn’t want to embarrass him, but to myself I was saying, Oh my god, what a liar. He sat there telling me he sang and played every instrument, except for the drums I mean, even to detail he’d lie. That’s when I realized that this guy was completely miserable about who he is.”

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