Aerosmith Faces Toughest Time


Steven Tyler spoke with The Sun’s Something For The Week about his grueling treatment for the viral blood disease hepatitis C, one of several setbacks he and his have been hit with in the past few years. “These setbacks were the hardest this band has ever faced but we are still here. Nothing can stop us,” he said. “Two years ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis C from when I had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction knee op a few years earlier. I’d had it for a long time, asymptomatic. My liver specialist told me there was a 70 percent chance of a cure with the pills. But being an AA person, I had decided not to take any of the drugs except the ones to get rid of the liver disease. Four months in, I said: ‘Fu** this, give me what you got’, and I started interferon therapy. It was a very hard thing to go through and it about killed me. Half of the people that go on it stop because they can’t handle it. I couldn’t sleep and I woke up in pools of sweat. I couldn’t even take my son to school it was tough.” The full story at has since been removed.

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