Adkins Admits It’s Strange Being Screamed At By Fans

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit spoke with frontman Jim Adkins who admits that it’s strange having 13-year-old girls screaming their minds out for his group. “Yeah, it’s kind of strange. I suppose it’s just like anything — if you see it on TV enough times, it becomes this unattainable, larger-than-life kind of thing,” Adkins said. “The very first American television show that we did was ‘The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn’ and I’ve seen the show before, and I was a fan of Craig Kilborn’s when he was on ‘The Daily Show’, but you walk into the set and you see the stage and how tiny and cramped it all is. The only thing that makes it a really big deal is the fact that it’s on television. It’s sort of a disillusioning kind of feeling, and that’s the way when the media grabs a hold of something and runs with it, I’m sure. Like, the dudes in The Vines can’t go anywhere without being recognized … people are just people.” has since removed the article.

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