A Well Rested Benji Madden Visits Urth Caffe

Benji Madden was spotted heading into Urth Caffe on Monday (July 27) in Los Angeles. The star was well-rested, haven written on his Twitter (@benjaminmadden) last night and this morning:

11p.m & I’m in bed? Know what that means? I’ma boring guy who doesn’t party? I lead a lonely life? No. That I’m gonna get a lot of sleep….

but thanx for bringing all that up. O wait that was me not you guys. My bad, my bad, have good night everyone.

p.s. I have accepted the fact that I am not a very funny guy. Accepted it but not given up. I guess this is kind of a disclaimer. Night….

Wow 10 hours of sleep, I feel like Han Solo after he got thawed out, can’t see, where am I? Leah? Is that you? Leah? Chewy…chewy…chewy get me outta here

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

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