A Perfect Circle Worth The Wait

Bob Gendron of the Chicago Tribune reviewed ’s concert Sunday night at Metro. Gendron says, “As he sang ‘Pet’ enclosed in an elevated four-poster platform shrouded with white curtains and illuminated by floodlights, vocalist Maynard James Keenan appeared as a silhouette. But when the first notes of ‘The Hollow’ rang out, the canvases dropped and revealed Keenan, whose long, clumpy hair obscured his face while he convulsed and twitched to the music’s dramatic rhythms. As if caged in by an invisible electric fence, Keenan didn’t once vacate the space during the hour-long set. Though a clear plastic screen separated the enigmatic singer from drummer Josh Freese, it didn’t stop him from heaving his body in Freese’s direction or staring at his own reflection while hopping like a dancing bear.” Chicagotribune.com has since removed the article.

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