A Christmas Message From Nikki Sixx

and Brides of Destruction bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message to the ‘Rock’n’Roll Diary’ section of the Crue’s official web site: “First, I’d like to say happy holidays to all rock ‘n’ roll fans across the planet….. Xmas is upon us, but no rest for the wicked. One last dirty deed needed to be done before all turns quiet for a few weeks. I did the cover of Bass Player mag today. Also did Guitar World mag with [Brides of Destruction guitarist] Tracii [Guns] and Guitar One too… It was a walk down memory lane shooting with Neil Zlozower…a true rock ‘n’ roll legend he is, adorning his walls are his photos from the ’70s, ’80, ’90s and so on. The room seems sticky with the ghosts of the past and him being the sage of anarchy seems like a fitting way to end a very creative year.. Happy holidays. Xxis Ikkin”

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