9.11.01 Took ‘Murray Street’ In A Different Direction

Exactly how the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks altered the direction of ’s ‘Murray Street’, recorded within blocks of Ground Zero causing a two-month delay in recording, is something guitarist and frontman Thurston Moore says he’ll never really know. “It’s hard to say how the album would have sounded if that did not happen,” he tells Alan Sculley of The Detroit News. “I know that by the time we were sort of able to get back in there and clean the place up and start working, and while we were working with the environment being what it was around us right outside of our window — complete devastation — yeah, it was definitely a different atmosphere. It was a different world for us, and it was one that had sort of moved to this whole other dimension. Of course, it was evocative of how we worked. How different it (the CD) is than what it would have been, I don’t know.”

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