7 Horns 7 Eyes ‘Throes Of Absolution’ Album Art & Teaser

7 Horns 7 Eyes band

Progressive atmospheric death metallers will be releasing their debut full-length album ‘Throes Of Absolution’ in North America on April 24th via Century Media Records. The album features a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis and includes artwork by the renowned Travis Smith of Seempieces. See below for a teaser trailer for ‘Throes Of Absolution’ and the track-listing for the album.

7 Horns 7 Eyes 'Throes Of Absolution'

‘Throes Of Absolution’ track-listing:
1. Divine Amnesty
2. Phumis: The Falsehood of Affliction
3. The Hill Difficulty
4. Cycle of Self
5. Delusions
6. A Finite Grasp of Infinite Disillusion
7. Vindicator
8. The Winnowing
9. Regeneration

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