311 Excited To Hit The Road

311 rock

checked in with fans on their blog at Myspace on Monday (June 11), ahead of the band’s tour kicking off in Tucson on June 21st. “Bring on the summer! I can’t wait, so many shows, so many great American cities, such great musick,” P-Nut writes. “I can’t wait to feel the energy, this shared collective of positive thoughts and good people, all coupled with musick and summer nights. Thanks for helping us turn our concerts into events: tailgating, meeting up with friends before the show in general and making a day of it, what could be better? You never know what’s going to happen at a show. I met my wife while playing Baton Rouge, and we’ve made friends the world over because of this musick. Keep an open mind and these nights might change your life. The revolution is hear.” Comments from the other members and the tour schedule at MySpace have since been removed.

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