30 Seconds To Mars Talk With MTV’s Sway

Sway of MTV News caught up with frontman Jared
Leto ahead of last night’s Video Music Awards in New York City. Read on
for a brief transcript.

Gideon: We’ll be bringing that to you guys in just a quick minute, but
let’s go downstairs and check in with sway who is with 30 seconds to mars.

Sway: That’s right, gideon. This is a group i have tremendous respect

Jared: Thank you.

Sway: I’ll explain to you why in a few moment. You guys just pulled
up in an army vehicle that’s biodiesel.

Jared: Yes, yes.

Sway: What’s the significance of that?

Jared: I think it’s important. It’s a choice that we made. It was an
opportunity that we thought about. We wanted to do something different
to send a message out there that there are other ways to power your vehicles.
Our tour, we’re going to announce a big tour on september 7th, and this
ties into that because it’s going to be an entirely green tour. We’re doing
a tour with mtv 2. I don’t want to give too many details away, but it’s
going to be amazing. We’re really excited about it.

Sway: Good luck with that.

Jared: Thank you so much.

Sway: Let me explain why i respect you guys so much. Usually when a
group forms and you have someone who is an actor or specializes in another
field of entertainment, it’s hard to gain credibility and get acceptance,
but you guys seemed to overcome. That how difficult was it for you?

Jared: For us I guess it wasn’t that difficult, but as a group, you
know, we’re all very proud of jared because he’s obviously great at both
things. Through all the obstacles we just persevered and went through it

Jared: We’re very proud to be looked at as the exception to the rule
and the fact people can look beyond a stereotype and have chose on the
believe in us and are able to hear the music for the music’s sake is everything
that you can hope and dream for, and to have two music videos — to have
two music video nominations…

Sway: Rock video of the year, the mtv two awards, congratulations.

Jared: This is an unbelievable year for us.

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